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Standard Manual


8 Stage Protection

1st : First Filter use to remove sand,silt,dust,dirt and particles.
2nd : Antiscalant treatment for the long life of membrane.
3rd : GAC absorbs harmful chemicals, badodour,taste,colour and excess chemicals impurities.
4th : Final filter removes ay type of phyimpurities and makes the water clean.Even maximum turbid water will not pass from spun filter as it is final filteration process.
5th : Thin films composite(TFC) membrane with 0.0001 micron removes 90% to 95% total dissolved salts(TDS), heavy metals,fluoride,nitrates & many other bad element from the water.
6th : Post carbon cartridges use to restore use to restore the natural taste of water and prevents bacterial growth.
7th : U.V. 7 biotechnology (extra available - as same as real)
8th : Mineral cartridge three in one filter.

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