Industrial RO Plant

To generate the pressure for down the line system.
Pressure Sand Filter(PSF) : -
The water is first filtered by pressure sand filter unit for removal of suspended matters and turbidity.
Activated Carbon Filter(ACF) : -
To remove colour ,odour,chrlone,oil and grease from the raw water.
Micron Cartridge Filter(MCF) : -
These are pressure vessels filted internally with spun or pleated carteridge element which removes micron sized particles.
Antiscalant Dosing System : -
To prevent membrane from scaling(hardness)
High Pressure Pump:-
A high pressure pump is provided for supplying the feed water to RO System at high pressure of 10-12kg/cm2-
Desalination System BY RO Membrane element : -
A Reverse osmosis system rejects 90-95% of total dissolved solids(TDS)
Storage of treated(Pure) water : -
To store treated(Pure) water in tank.

The capacity of Industrial Ro plant is from 1000 Ltrs. and it is upto customer requirement.

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