Technical Details

"PURE H2O" 7 stage water purification system

Stage 1: Sediment Filter(05 micron) removes solid ,dust,dirt,rust etc.

Stage 2 : Granular Carbon Pre-filter removes chlorine,olours and other organicimpurities.

Stage 3 : Carbon block removes smaller,contaminants and any other remainig chlorine particles protecting ro membrane.

Stage 4 : Antiscalant ball(higher capacity) protects pump membrane from scaling.

Stage 5 : RO membrane (0.0001 micron) removes bactera ,virus,turbidity etc.

Stage 6 : Silver impergrated bacterioustic in-line post carbon filter improves the taste of water.

Stage 7 :U.V. and biotechnology (extra available -as same as real)


Contamination Disease Caused Boiling UV Water Pure H2O RO
Turbidity Stomach Related Diseases X X
Pyrogen Fever X X
Bacteria Bacterial Diseases
Virus Jaundice,Polio etc X X
Fluoride Fluorosis X X
Sodium Heart Disease,High Blood Pressure X X
Calcium Kidney Stone X X
Magnesium Kidney Stone X X
Lead Damage to nervous system,mental retardation X X
Copper Gastrointestinal Track Irritant X X
Mercury Kidney Impairment,Possible Death X X
Nitrate Potential Poisoning in infants X X
Arsenic Affects Nervous System X X

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